Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Bainbridge Island, WA

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Proper Search engine optimization (SEO) results in website pages being ranked highly in major search engines; primarily Google, as it controls about 80% of all searches on the web today. The higher ranked your website pages appear in the results, the more click-throughs your website will receive. With more traffic, you can then gain new customers, make more sales, or spread increase your notoriety.

Proper SEO includes both “on-page” and “off-page” search, which means the factors controlling your ranking on search engines that are within your website (on-page) and external to your website (inbound links). It also includes image search, local search, video search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Web X.0 Media, based on Bainbridge Island, understands all of the aspects related to SEO. We have served as internal SEO expert at General Electric,, and various other companies. We also only serve the Bainbridge Island and immediate local communities.

Web X.0 Media can search engine optimize your website and likely position you at the top of Google and other search engines. Contact us for more information.